Touchtech Lima

A professional multi-touch presentation software that turns your digital content into interactive experiences on any multi-touch table and wall display.

Interaction with digital content becomes a truly social experience in a wide range of work, leisure and retail settings. Quick and easy to customize to match your corporate branding and creative styling with ease.

Touchtech LIMA is the most intuitive and elegant software solution available on the market for multi-touch solutions.

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Minimum computer requirements

Microsoft Windows 7/8
Dual Core 2.9 GHz (quad-core recommended)
4 GB RAM system memory
Graphics card with 1 GB dedicated memory (dedicated graphics card recommended)
1080p Full HD (1920×1080 px – 16:9)
Minimum dual-touch technology

Attract and Present

Impress your audience with unforgettable presentations.

Create noise around your exhibition booth and make your message visible. Touchtech Lima is the perfect solution to attract and intrigue your audience at any event.

Touchtech LIMA encourages your audience to be involved allowing for deeper customer relationships that will build on your products and services.

Showcase to a larger crowd by flicking content to a secondary display. Create that “Wow!” experience your audience will never forget.

Touchtech Lima enhances the social user experience by making your information accessible and engaging to everyone. It allows a group of users to interact with your content on the same multi-touch display and all at the same time.

Be more efficient! Multi-user interaction is ideal for collaborative group work such as workshops, planning and brainstorming. Touchtech Lima is a fast and fun way to interact and share your ideas with your colleagues and clients.

Share and Collaborate

Make your information engaging and accessible in any social environment.

Customize and Plug and Play

Increase your brand awareness and keep your information synchronized.

Brand awareness and personal style is important and Touchtech Lima is easy and quick to customize. Managing your content is a breeze. Choose what you want to share and where to share it from. Use your local hard disk, network share or load your content from a USB thumb drive. You can also bring your content from Dropbox.

No matter where you are in the world it will update your content just as fast as you change it. Stop wasting money and time with print and move towards a paperless platform.

Touchtech LIMA is a true Plug and Play environment and everything will be synchronized automatically.

Museums and Exhibitions

Make information about your exhibition pieces easily accessible and exciting. Be more cost-effective by giving your exhibition the flexibility to change and be up to date.

Showrooms, Fairs and Events

Touchtech Lima will catch the attention of everyone passing your booth. Invite your audience to engage and learn more about your products and services.

Workshops and Meetings

Touchtech Lima makes your workshops and meetings more fun and interactive. Easily access your content to engage in a discussion with your clients and colleagues.

Case Studies

Mercedes interactive kiosks for Albisher & Alkazemi Co

Touch-based interactive kiosks to showcase Mercedes automobiles inside the Albisher & Alkazemi Co. dealership

Our Middle-East premium partner 2Point0 Concepts customized Lima for the launch of the new Mercedes Benz S-class in Kuwait City.

Touchtech Lima was used on 55″ Microsoft Perceptive Pixel multi-touch screen as well as on smaller interactive information kiosk displays.

Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel Gothenburg

Deploys touchtech LIMA as an interactive concierge on the wall and as an interactive lounge table

Touchtech Lima has transformed the space between the reception and the elevators into an exciting concierge experience for the guests, increasing the overall hotel customer satisfaction.

“I am truly excited that we successfully transformed a normally dead space into a fun and meaningful spot for our guests.”Malin Franck / CEO at Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel

On the multi-touch table in the lounge, the history of Radisson is presented with pictures, videos and documents which gives the customer a better connection to the brand using Touchtech Lima.

“We have included the restaurant menu and other hotel offers in Lima in order to increase our sales. When our guests are having fun then it is the perfect moment to suggest something to eat or drink.”Frode Andersen / Sales Manager at Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel

With three custom developed multitouch games, the guests can share a wonderful and fun gaming experience together. The games (WhackIt, Blackjack and Chess) are designed to suit all ages.

“The interactive multi-player games create an exciting and fun atmosphere in our lounge. It is an experience that will stay with our guests and we hope it will be a reason for them to choose Radisson Blu Riverside again.”Malin Franck / CEO at Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel

Swedavia at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg

Swedavia choses touchtech LIMA for their interactive information kiosks

Thanks to Touchtech LIMA, boring documents have been transformed into interactive portals for educating and inspiring both travelers and airport staff on the future of Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg.

“We are amazed how quickly and cost effectively we got Touchtech LIMA up and running with different visual appearance and content. It is the most plug-and-play application I’ve ever experienced for interactive displays.”Emma Knutsson / Project Manager Nineyards (Agency)

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