Touchtech Vendo

In-store eCommerce, as it's meant to be.

Touchtech Vendo is the endless aisle solution, for touch screens that will revolutionize retail stores. It offers instant access to your full product range by bringing it digitally to the physical store in a unique, innovative and truly captivating way.

  • Displays the full product range without need of having the item in-store.
  • Content loads in an instant and is available offline.
  • A solution that can be configured to suit your needs.
  • Quick and easy shopping and checkout.
  • Easily integrates with existing eCommerce systems.

“We at Eton are very satisfied working with Touchtech Vendo in our brandstore. It has become a natural part of our sales process and increased our sales on a daily basis.”

– Julia Lundh, Store Manager Eton brandstore

The game changer

Reaching the seamless retail experience

With its user-friendly design, Touchtech Vendo endless aisle solution is specially developed for in-store use and will help you move toward multi-channel retailing. The benefits of eCommerce together with the experience for in-store shopping will engage your customers and create more opportunities.

Albin Johansson, ceo of Axel Arigato explains why they chose Touchtech Vendo

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