What are your thoughts on the future of retail?


Never have new ideas been as welcome as they are now. That’s why more and more retailers are now using Touchtech’s smart retail solution – a concept we call Let’s get in touch™. It brings together eCommerce with the consumer’s need to touch and feel their potential purchases. Consequently, the store can offer more products than it actually has room for. This is positive both for profitability and the shopping experience – and much more besides.


• A larger range
• More sales
• More time for consumer service
• Better consumer insight

Read more about the Let's get in touch™ concept.


Some of our customers


Let's get in touch with
your customers a complete assortment a better store more sales a more exciting experience


Success stories


Read about how our Let’s get in touch™ concept has helped various brands increase their profitability and develop their stores into future-focused shopping experiences. 



75 styles became 500

Thanks to our retail solution this shirt manufacturer can now offer its entire range, and our solution now accounts for up to 15% of all store sales.


SEK 100,000 a month per unit

Axel Arigato’s developers completed the integration in less than two weeks. In some months, sales now exceed SEK 100,000 per unit.