Develop the shopping experience
of tomorrow, today

Our Let's get in touch™ concept helps you to develop your physical stores into the shopping experiences of the future. The concept is a unique combination of Touchtech Vendo software, interactive hardware, services, methodology and cutting-edge expertise in retail. The result is a digital retail solution and a future-proof partnership for developing retail concepts.

Here you can find out more about how to increase both your online sales and your stores' profitability working with us at Touchtech.



Offer your entire range

Our solution is specially designed for store environments and to create the best possible shopping experience. It allows you to combine your digital opportunities with the consumer’s need to touch and feel their potential purchases. You can display and offer your entire range, whatever the size of your store or your stockist’s shop-in-shop.


Intuitive user interface

Simple navigation with a clear search function and filtering makes it easy to find the right product and information.


Adaptable design

Fonts, colours and text are adjusted to ensure the visual profile matches your brand and stores.


High-resolution pictures and videos

With our retail solution, you can use high-quality images that allow the consumer to zoom in on details, patterns and materials.


Increase sales

Our retail solution drives sales that you may otherwise miss out on when a product is out of stock in store. This means you can optimise the store’s available range with combinations of sizes, colours, models and qualities.


Adaptable checkout

Depending on your business system, range and delivery options, you can adapt the payment method, ordering procedure and delivery point at store level.


All sales benefit the store

To ensure that your stores clearly reflect their individual sales, all orders are mapped and each sale is designated to a particular store.


Send shopping baskets by sms or e-mail

So as not to lose an undecided customer, the shopping basket can be sent directly by text message or e-mail. The consumer can then order and pay at a later time.


Make more time for the consumer

Dedicated, knowledgeable staff who have time to spend on the consumers are your stores’ greatest asset, as well as being important brand ambassadors. With our retail solution staff can quickly find the right product, check stock, order and take payment on the shop floor. Consequently, staff can spend more one-on-one time with the consumer.


Direct access to product information

With stock balances and product descriptions accessible directly in our retail solution, your staff never have to walk away from a customer to search in other systems.


Fast navigation with OfflineSync

All product data is synchronised locally to enable fast use without delays. OfflineSync also reduces the burden on the store's internet connection.


Complete the transaction on the shop floor

Consumers can complete their purchases without your staff having to use a checkout, which means shorter queues and faster transactions.


More in-depth consumer insight

With our retail solution, you get to know your consumers. You can monitor the buying process, see which products are most popular and thus optimise the range in your stores. We analyse all the data to provide you with ongoing insights and suggestions for how to improve your sales forecasts.


See sales statistics at store level

We provide statistics for each point of sale, which means you can optimise your range and special offers for each individual store and stockist.


Check popular categories and products at store level

By seeing and analysing which categories and products are most popular, you can improve your sales forecasts.


Ongoing analysis

Thanks to our cutting-edge expertise in retail, we can analyse statistics at store level. We deliver continuous reports with tips on how to adapt the range and improve your sales.


What are you waiting for? We’re ready to go.

Our retail solution is ready to use, and initial start-up takes just two to four weeks. We can perform integration ourselves, or train and support your developers in that process. And because all data is collected and updated automatically from your online sales and business system, only a minimum of maintenance is required.  


A ready-to-use solution that's constantly developing

Because we offer a ready-to-use solution, implementation is fast, and we are continually developing new functions in close collaboration with our customers.


Support, operation and monitoring service

We offer proactive support to ensure as little operational disruption as possible. You therefore avoid missed sales opportunities and your staff can focus on using our solution to sell more.


Data is taken from existing systems and our solution is GDPR ready

Our retail solution readily integrates with your existing business and eCommerce systems. All product data, stock balance and all price details are automatically synchronised. Since no user data is saved, the solution is GDPR ready.

Ready integration with eCommerce platforms such as:


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