Touchtech prides itself in providing a premium and seamless in-store OmniChannel customer experience.

We are pleased to provide the opportunity to offer you our products and services to increase your sales and brand perception in your offline channels.
Touchtech Vendo allows you to increase your product availability, customer retention and increase sales opportunities with the use of a touch screen.

This is a non-binding document to outline the required subscription and services by Touchtech and will be included with the quote.


Suscription plans

Touchtech Vendo is licensed as a subscription. This endless-aisle solution is a Software-as-a-Service that is linked to your existing eCommerce platform.

We offer three different subscription plans: Fixed, Variable and Mixed. For more information please see our pricing and payment terms.

let us help you on the way

Available Services

The available services provided by Touchtech are designed to enhance your Touchtech Vendo deployment and your OmniChannel strategy.

These services are extended based on an hourly consultation rate of 119 EUR/hour* and will be invoiced end-of-month for the accumulated time spent.

*Hourly rate excludes travel & accommodation.

lets get prepared


The pre-study is to identify and prepare for the OmniChannel opportunities in your store(s).

  • Define the needs, requirements and goals of using Touchtech Vendo.
  • Create an action plan and ROI calculation.

Item no: S-PS-01
Estimated Hours: 5

  • Identifying opportunities, best screen location, sales process and more.
  • Store observation and analysis report.

Item no: S-PS-02
Estimated hours: 24

Vendo API and how to improve your current eCommerce system to be better prepared for OmniChannel solutions.

Item no: S-PS-03
Estimated hours: 32

  • Best practices for using Touchtech Vendo.
  • Design visual mockups and application flow of the Touchtech Vendo App with your brand and products.

Item no: S-PS-04
Estimated hours: 16

The back-end stuff

Technical Integration

The technical development is to prepare and verify that Touchtech Vendo is displaying your entire product catalog and is successfully processing orders.

Touchtech Vendo must be supplied with product information from your current systems (i.e. eCommerce platform, PIM, CMS and other business systems). It must also be capable of sending order information to these systems for processing.

  • Development of import and synchronization of products, categories and check-out handling module.
  • Includes meetings, progress reports and consultation.

Item no: S-TI-01
Estimated Hours: 100-250

*The technical integration must be fulfilled for Touchtech Vendo to work correctly. The development can be worked on by either Touchtech or by your existing eCommerce integrator.

Configuration of Touchtech Vendo to include your company branding.

Item no: S-TI-02
Estimated hours: 16

HAVE A Proper instllation

Project Coordination

Project coordination is a service to ensure the successful installation of Touchtech Vendo in your store(s).

Review the store infrastructure (power outlets and network possibilities etc.).

Item no: S-PC-01
Estimated Hours: 4/store

Order and testing of computer, touch screen and components according to your wants and needs.

Item no: S-PC-02
Estimated hours: 2h/solution

*Pricing and terms for hardware will be provided in a separate quote if requested.

Shipping, mounting and installation of the hardware in your store(s).

Item no: S-PC-03
Estimated hours: 6h/store

Installation and configuration of computer, touch screen and software in your store(s).

Item no: S-PC-04
Estimated hours: 2h/screen

Get your staff ready


Empowered store managers and associates will ensure a successful Touchtech Vendo experience to increase opportunities. Training can be provided both on-site in the store(s) and corporate headquarters or off-site via web conferencing.

Item no: S-TR-01
Estimated hours: 4h/location

Training off-site via web conferencing.

Item no: S-TR-02
Estimated hours: 4h/session

A lending hand

Customized Support

Touchtech Vendo includes standard support (see Terms of Use). For additional support a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be customized to fulfill your specific service needs.

Meeting to identify additional required support and service procedures.

Item no: S-CS-01
Estimated hours: 2

For your customized quote

Your Choices

  • All prices excluding value-added tax (VAT).
  • Your company name may be used for marketing purposes
  • Please see full Terms of Use*


*Terms of Use only applies to Touchtech Vendo and its components: Vendo App, Vendo API and Vendo Portal. It does NOT apply to any Services offered in this proposal document.

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