Touchtech Vendo at Eton

Omnichannel success

Shirt maker Eton operates ten brand stores and has a distribution network of more than 700 resellers worldwide. Currently, online shopping customers enjoy access to over 500 styles via the Eton webshop. However, this creates many challenges that other retailers and brands also face today.
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  • Eton brand stores carry only 75 styles or 15% of the entire online catalogue and resellers even less.
  • Store staff refer customers to local resellers or the Eton web shop when a product is not available in-store. This leads to lost sale opportunities and potentially losing customers to competing brands.
  • Eton’s objective is to increase their brand perception, be more competitive and offer their customers an engaging digital in-store experience.


To have a successful in-store solution Eton identified the following requirements:

  1. Products needed to appear almost life size.
  2. The solution needed to be fast, easy to navigate and intuitive when browsing through the products.
  3. All products must be presented using high-resolution images to illustrate quality, fabric, texture and fiber details when zoomed in.
  4. The solution needed to be dynamic when changing languages, currency, and delivery country.
  5. The solutions must allow for centralized remote screen management.
  6. The solution required a quick and easy check-out with a minimum number of steps and the ability to finalize the purchase on the customer’s mobile phone.
  7. The solution had to be able to provide home delivery.
  8. The solution had to be able to provide in-store delivery for pickup.
  9. All transactions through the solution must be credited directly to the real store sales targets and goals.


Touchtech Vendo, the endless aisle solution fulfilled the all requirements. Since, it is designed and developed specifically for the in-store retail experience. The goal in the development of the solution was to increase the conversion rate of customers who came into the store who were unable to find their size or style available in stock.

In-store, Touchtech Vendo is utilized in the following scenarios, when:

  • A specific size or pattern of the shirt or accessory is not available in the store.
  • To recommend other products that are not available in-store due to retail space limitations.
  • To provide and recommend web shop exclusive products that will never be available in store.
  • A self-service station to provide customers the opportunity to find their desired product when the staff is occupied with other customers.
  • Customers can have purchased products delivered home to them, even if they do not live in the same country as the store they have visited.

Julia lundh, eton brandstore manager on the benefits of Touchtech Vendo


Touchtech Vendo has allowed Eton to achieve the following benefits in their brand stores:

  • 10-15% increase in sales due to higher customer retention, customer cross sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Better customer shopping experience providing the customer access to the entire catalogue instead of limited stock availability in store.
  • Increased brand perception as more styles and products are digitally available for discovery.