Interact and Promote

Touchtech Lima: The premium touch screen software.

Captivate, Interact and Promote

Real power at your fingertips

Touchtech Lima is a premium multi-touch software designed and developed to increase engagement, initiate new ideas and create more opportunities. Unleash the power of your touch screen.


Come together

The Social Experience

Interact with your customers. Present your product portfolio, corporate identity and opportunities in a unique and exciting way using Touchtech Lima. Get everyone involved, share your ideas and learn together with a real hands-on experience. 

Become a #Superpresenter

The Presentation Experience

Captivate your audience. Touchtech Lima’s easy to use interface provides you with quick access to what matters. Promote your ideas, products and services with the touch of your fingers - attract and present.

Anywhere and everywhere

The Mobile Experience

Promote on the go. With Touchtech Lima your products, services and message, can quickly be communicated and easily understood by everyone – regardless of where.  Always by your side to showcase and present.

Become a #Superpresenter

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