Two weeks’ development and SEK 100,000 a month per screen and store

The advantage of Touchtech’s retail solution is that we can interweave the digital and physical brand experience. We can do something unexpected, in an innovative way that helps to increase sales.
— Albin Johansson, CEO and founder of Axel Arigato



Axel Arigato is the Gothenburg-based shoemaker that began selling its minimalist sneakers online in 2014. Since then the brand has achieved great success, selling to customers in more than 100 countries via its website. In 2017 they opened their first physical store in Soho, London. In the same year they opened a temporary concept store in Stockholm.

Without Touchtech, we could never have offered our entire range to people in our stores. In some months our sales have been over SEK 100,000 per screen and store, which would not have been possible without their technology, which also adds a digital feel.
— Albin Johansson, CEO and founder of Axel Arigato


  • In some months, sales on our retail solution have exceeded SEK 100,000 per unit.

  • The store environment can follow the minimalist design of the brand when not every possible combination of model, size and colour needs to be available in store.

  • Staff can spend more time with each consumer, since there is no need to have a physical checkout for payment or other systems to check stock availability.

  • The stores keep only a minimal amount in stock since the shoes can be sent directly home to the customer from the central warehouse.


In Axel Arigato’s case, we only delivered access to our system via an API. We then held a two-hour initial training session, and supported them while their own developers performed the integration, which took them less than two weeks. Using our retail solution, Axel Arigato has managed to create an attractive, minimalist retail concept that meets consumers’ expectations and delivers excellent sales figures.

Axel Arigato pop-up store in Stockholm.

Axel Arigato pop-up store in Stockholm.

The store environment is kept clean and inspiring.

The store environment is kept clean and inspiring.


It took us less than two weeks to integrate our system with Touchtech via their APIs. We have a small touch screen in the office which we can use for testing purposes whenever we make changes before launching them live, which is also of value for staff and visitors.
— Anton Samuelsson, Back-end Developer at Axel Arigato

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