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Touchtech Lima is a software that has been designed and developed to leverage the power of touch by unlocking your opportunities to be more efficient and engaging. Create, present and connect.
Touchtech Lima is a great tool in workshops and meetings to present on wall mounted touch-screens and to created new ideas together in teamwork.
Touchtech Lima runs on all Windows based tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and can be used for interactive, mobile presentations on business trips, sales meetings and consultations.
The average presenter spends anywhere between 3 to 5 hours to create the prefect PowerPoint presentation. But you have mere seconds to win or lose the attention of your audience. Stop wasting time adding animations and sound effects. Become the animator by using the power of touch. LIMA is the most intuitive presentation tool and will allow you and your audience to engage with your presentation every step of the way. Pinch, spread, drag and flick. Use what you already know to be the next #superpresenter.
The XTABLE 3M is a complete ruggedized 46” projected capacitive multitouch table that is equipped with a powerful integrated PC, smart power management and hardware health monitoring system. The water and dust resistent display supports up to 60 touch points with palm rejection. To get you started immediately, every XTABLE includes a full featured, commercial version of Touchtech LIMA, the professional multi-touch presentation and collaboration software.

Pictures and Videos

Be more visual.

The brain processes information faster when it is presented with visual content.

Lima turns your images, videos and documents into collaborative and interactive presentations. Use your existing content from your local hard disk, secure network share, USB drive and even your Dropbox.

With Lima’s integrated web browser you can present YouTube videos, Twitter streams and of course your company’s homepage – endless possibilities.

Engage your audience

Create ideas, not slides.

When you are involved you learn faster, create more ideas and develop more interest with the information you are presented. Lima allows you to react immediately to feedback and have a truly hands-on experience.

Share your images, video and documents to USB drives and mobile phones (require Dropbox) directly within Lima.

Time is precious

Don’t waste time.

With our busy lives we have no time to wait for information to come to us. It’s all about the here and now.

Lima allows your audience to focus on what is being presented. It is easy to follow along and create endless opportunities – no matter where.

Create amazing interactive presentations with Touchtech Lima to make consultations more effective and information easier to understand.


Better Understanding

Students learn faster when they when they feel involved. Touchtech Lima is a great tool to create interactive presentations in schools and universities that engage the students. It has never been easier for the teachers to make multi-media content part of education.


Faster Learning

Conferences and Keynotes
Conferences and Keynotes


Richer discussions

Use Touchtech Lima as a collaboration tool in your workshops. Team members will be able to create more ideas and the ability to easily interact with multi-media files on the touch screen will fuel the discussion.
Workshops and meetings


Better Idea Creation

Create outstanding interactive presentations with Touchtech Lima on touch screens in your showroom and generate more sales.
Showrooms and retail


Increased Sales

Create amazing interactive presentations with Touchtech Lima to engage your audience at fairs, trade shows and exhibitions.
Fairs, trade shows and exhibitions


More Engagement

What´s inside

Key Features

User accounts

Organize your presentations by products, projects and people. These categories can be optionally protected by PIN codes.

Touchtech Lima – Accounts

Content import

Lima imports your presentation files from various content sources on the fly: USB drives, local folders, secure network shares and Dropbox.

Touchtech Lima – Content Sources

File types

Currently, Lima supports these types of documents, pictures and videos: PDF, JPG, PNG, WMV, AVI, MOV, SVG, PPT*, XLS*, DOC* (Microsoft Office 2010 or newer required)

Touchtech Lima – File types


Share and save your pictures, videos and documents to USB drives, local folders and even mobile devices.

Touchtech Lima – Content Sources


Annotate and highlight on your presentation to make your point.

Touchtech Lima – Inking

Pick´n Flick

Create an unforgettable experience and flick your presentation to a secondary display.

Touchtech Lima – Pick’n Flick


Lima is easily customizable and ready to increase your brand awareness. Adjust the interface to your needs, choose text colors and custom background images.

Touchtech Lima – Branding

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