A solution that erases the boundaries between physical store and eCommerce

Strengthening and extending our range is a natural part of developing our role both online and offline, and with Touchtech our customers have the opportunity to discover more of our range.
— Pelle Pettersson, Head of Omni Channel and E-commerce, Cervera.


Since 1987, Cervera has offered quality products in cooking, food service and decoration. Today the company is a market leader with more than 70 stores across Sweden.

We want to offer all our customers our wide range, whether they’re online or at an actual store. Touchtech’s retail solution complements our mix and brings everything together nicely.
— Pelle Pettersson, Head of Omni Channel and E-commerce, Cervera.
Cervera Sveavägen store, Stockholm

Cervera Sveavägen store, Stockholm


With our retail solution:

  • Consumers can view the entire range, and in selected stores they can order products.

  • Consumers can enjoy a stronger retail experience and greater awareness of Cervera’s extensive range.

  • In-store staff have a tool that helps them in their interaction with the consumer.

  • Cervera can easily view detailed statistics and optimise the range in each particular store.


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