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MQ Drottninggatan, Stockholm

MQ Drottninggatan, Stockholm

Our store on Norrlandsgatan, Stockholm, is just 342 square metres, but thanks to our new online concept with Touchtech’s retail solution, we can now offer our entire range of thousands of fashion garments directly in the store - products that would otherwise have a footprint of 8,000 square metres.
— Jens Axelsson, Head of Marketing & Omnichannel at MQ


MQ is Sweden’s largest retailer of fashion brands, and has been selling clothing to Swedish consumers for more than 60 years. MQ offers a broad range including 60 brands that are only sold via online shopping.

Being able to shop online in store is an important part of our strategy to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
— Christina Ståhl, CEO of MQ


  • The consumer can choose among more than 60 brands that are not available physically in the store, and can have their clothes delivered to the store or to an address of their choice within two days.

  • The staff have a selling aid that can inspire consumers and increase added sales.

  • MQ has a new channel for the range that is only available by online shopping.

  • Brand awareness increases when the consumer has access to MQ’s entire range in store.

MQ Fredsgatan, Göteborg

MQ Fredsgatan, Göteborg




We enjoy a close collaboration with MQ, and together we have developed our retail solution to suit their particular stores, staff and consumers.

For our retail solution to work, the staff have to be on board. We interviewed MQ staff and found out that they place high demands in various areas, including speed. When they use our retail solution with a consumer there must be no delays, and they have to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Because all the product data and high-resolution images are synchronised locally, we avoid delays, and our search function makes it nice and easy to find what the staff and consumer are looking for. Another important aspect for the staff was that the purchases were credited to each particular store, and our retail solution allows this.

Consumers have high demands too. MQ stores used to have screens to allow online shopping in store. The problem was that people did not like to enter personal data and bank details on a public device. With Touchtech’s solution, the consumer only has to enter their name and phone number or e-mail address. A link is then sent, which leads to the completed shopping basket on the MQ online shopping site. On this site, the consumer can then select a payment method and a delivery option, such as collect in store. For consumers not accustomed to online shopping, we are now developing a solution whereby the shopping basket is sent straight to the store checkout, so the customer can pay for their goods in the traditional way.

Thanks to Touchtech’s retail solution, our stores can now present our entire web-exclusive range, which includes more than 60 carefully selected brands. Fast delivery, free shipping if collecting in store and a simple returns procedure all help the process run very smoothly.
— Christina Ståhl, CEO of MQ

Want to find out more? Watch the video featuring our CEO Deniz Chaban and MQ’s former Head of Omnichannel, Jens Axelsson.


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